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Gemini Parking provide a range of ethical Parking Enforcement Solutions

Our principles
The best way to manage a car park is by making it easy to use. So how do we do that?

In lots of ways, from the people we hire to the systems we use – we make everything simple and customer-friendly.

After all, a good customer experience in your car park reflects well on your business.

The best people
Call us crazy, but we’re passionate about good car parks and we only work with people who can help us keep being the best at what we do.

So we hire people who are friendly, keen to learn, quick-thinking – and love to do the right thing. Then we train them to become car park experts.

It’s not enough to just know the rules of the car park. Our people are there to help drivers in whatever way they can. Whether that’s offering directions or helping with shopping bags; the personal touch is important to us.

The industry standard for car park management hasn’t changed much over the years. We know things can be better.

That’s why we’re always looking for little ways to improve the experience of owning and using a car park. We know that all the small tweaks we make add up to a big difference in service.

Reliable and fair
There’s a reason we have lots of long-standing clients – we don’t let them down. We develop close relationships with clients to make sure they get the best service.

We represent you in the best way. We treat drivers with respect.

What we stand for

These core ideals guide everything we do. They make us unique in our industry.

Being the best you can – we should feel proud of everything we achieve – ‘good enough’ doesn’t cut it. We challenge ourselves to take an honest look at our strengths and weaknesses. Only then can we grow and evolve.

Defying the status quo – let’s try something different. The world is changing, so we move with it – not just surviving, but leading the way.

Mindful communication – we speak with compassion, kindness and empathy, and turn every interaction into an opportunity to find a better way. 

Committed to excellence – continuous improvement is built into our way of working. We always keep an eye on the future. It’s not about how good we are, it’s about how great we can become.

Being compassionate – let’s be honest, the parking industry isn’t known for compassion. We want to change that. So we’re human and understanding, even in difficult situations.

Our Services include:

  • Manned Patrol
  • Pay & Display
  • ANPR
  • Self Ticketing

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