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Gemini Parking Solutions is proud to provide effective parking management solutions to the owners of The White Horse Inn: a pub which is located in Howden, East Yorkshire.

Its convenient location in the heart of this popular market town (which boasts a small population of just over 4,000 people) combined with the owner’s desire to offer free parking to all of their customers (be they regular or new) meant that the White Horse Inn had a serious problem with their car park being abused by shoppers and other visitors. The White Horse Inn offers the only free to use car park in Howden, which only served to aggravate the problem. The owners of The White Horse Inn were reluctant to begin imposing parking charges, particularly on their most loyal customers, so they contacted Gemini Parking Solutions for Howden, who worked with them to find a parking management solution that would best suit their unique needs.

The effective solution option adopted by the White Horse Inn was the use of ANPR Technology (automatic number plate recognition technology). This is a popular and unintrusive parking solution that records the number plate of each vehicle entering the car park as they enter the car park: In addition to monitoring the cars entering and leaving the car park, enabling 24/7 enforcement simply and easily, this also provides greater safety and security for those individuals who choose to use the site.

ANPR Technology is a wonderful alternative technology for reducing parking issues in an unobtrusive way. The system ensures that users must comply with the Inn’s parking regulations, and monitors and provides enforcement when they are not. The system from Gemini parking solutions is one of the best alternatives for reducing parking issues.

Why Choose Gemini Parking Solutions?

The management of the White Horse Inn choose to use Gemini Parking Solutions for their parking management in Yorkshire because of the company’s tried and tested reputation for achieving fantastic long term results across the UK. Gemini Parking Solutions are the first company to implement ANPR technology as a parking solution in Howden, but has implemented the same technology across business and restaurants in various locations across the country.

No matter where you are based, whether you are looking for parking management in Yorkshire, or parking management anywhere else in the country, the strong presence provided by Gemini Parking Solutions means that we are ideally placed to provide the solution that you need. Our service, safety record, results and our strong work ethos should all speak for themselves.

We would be happy for individuals to contact Gemini Parking Solutions to begin discussions on implementing services like ANPR as appropriate for their business. Gemini can be reached by calling 08712 002143 or visiting the website at

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