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At Gemini Parking Solutions we work closely with our clients to build long lasting and fruitful relationships. This was very evident recently when we began working with the Café Rouge restaurant in Ruislip, Middlesex. Having already established a good relationship at a different Café Rouge premises they asked us to be involved with their Ruislip, Middlesex branch. We discovered that this particular branch experienced regular parking problems and they wanted us to help them find a new solution that worked for both the restaurant and the wider community. Location wise the Ruislip Café Rouge restaurant is located on High Street in the town.


Prior to our involvement the car park operated a barrier control system which was regularly out of order requiring maintenance or had been damaged by motorists. As a result the car park usage was often not patrons of Café Rouge but commuters and shoppers, with the restaurant keen to resolve the issue to protect their customers. Following an initial consultation with the restaurant it was decided that implementing a scheme that offered free parking to Café Rouge customers, as well as introducing parking charges for non customers to purchase would be an appropriate solution. This gave the restaurant the best of both worlds in that customers could park for free and yet non-customers were free to pay a fee to park providing greater flexibility all round.


This approach has been well received and we are delighted that this partnership is already proving to be a success. Within a matter of days the new system has freed up space for both Café Rouge customers and non-customers alike. A Gemini Pay & Display unit has been installed at the car park site which has an integrated ANPR system, capturing vehicle information both on entry and exit to the car park. A touch screen console in the restaurant enables customers to provide their vehicle registration and therefore park their vehicle free of charge.


Anyone using the car park solely for parking purposes can use the payment terminal in the car park to pay for their stay. Should anyone who is not a customer of the restaurant over stay or not pay at all then a parking charge notice is issued to the registered vehicle keeper via post. This also has the added benefit of removing onsite confrontation from the parking procedure.


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