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Hospital Management Services

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We manage hospital car parks which see over five million visitors every year. Our systems can increase pay and display revenue by up to 30%.

  • Get the best system for your car park
  • Cut out misuse by visitors

A major problem
Most parking companies don’t grasp the scale of the issues faced by hospital car parks – we manage several of them across England, so we know how to solve those challenges.

Balancing staff parking and huge numbers of daily visitors to hospitals means managing the car park can become a major headache.

Through experience and independent research, we have developed unique insight which can help you to solve these problems:

  • Most hospitals don’t realise how much revenue is lost through inadequate parking systems
  • Pay and Display only works if it’s monitored and enforced
  • We can provide fully trained car park staff

Hospital Parking Charter
We have signed and fully support the British Parking Association’s Charter for Hospital Parking. This encourages NHS Trusts to provide safer parking and fairer enforcement measures. We train all our staff to meet these standards, and make sure they always act in a friendly and compassionate manner.

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