1.   By 2030, all new cars sold in the UK will be electric

The UK government have taken a firm stance in the move towards electric vehicle adoption, announcing the ban of all petrol and diesel vehicles by the year 2030. There are some exceptions, with a select number and categories of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and some full hybrids still able to be sold as late as 2035 – but the announcement highlights a big shift towards electric transportation for our country.

Commenting on the announcement, the National Grid’s Transport Decarbonisation Director, Graeme Cooper, said: “Banning the sale of new ICE cars from 2030 will cut carbon emissions and reduce air pollution.” – something we can all get behind.

This means that more people will be required to charge their car – some without the ability to do so at home, or forgetting to do it. This gives ample opportunity for early adopters of car park charging points to attract drivers of electric vehicles to their car parks.

2.   In 2021, electric car sales are already surging, making up more than 13% of all sales in the UK*

Preliminary data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) shows that UK motorists are already beginning to embrace the change. In March, traditionally the biggest month of the year for car dealerships, sales of electric and hybrid cars saw a record high.

Although overall trade remained lower than before the pandemic, the demand for electric and greener transportation was evident, with sales of electric and plug-in hybrids accounting for 13.9% of the market: up more than 7% from the previous year.

The stats for January alone already highlighted such trends, with electric and Hybrid vehicle sales combined totalling 21.3% of all new vehicle sales. The sale of battery electric vehicles increased by a staggering 54.4%.

3.   Providing convenience for your customers & gaining loyalty

With the public already making the shift to greener transportation and adopting electric vehicles, the question for parking operators and land owners is: are you going to be ahead of the trend, or late?

By providing a convenient way for owners of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles to charge whilst parking, you are making your customers’ lives easier. Why not provide the win-win scenario where a customer can enter your business, and charge their car?

Providing solutions that enrich customers’ lives and align with their values are the cornerstones to gaining loyalty. In the end, customers are happier to support businesses and brands that share their values, and provide a good service in the process.

4.   A source of passive revenue generation

Why not generate revenue from existing spaces?

If a car is to be parked in the space anyway, it makes sense to offer another opportunity to generate revenue while providing customers with a service of value to them. Whilst many will charge their car at home in their garage or driveway, living in a flat or street-house, not everyone has such easy access to an electric supply. Others may have forgotten to charge their car overnight. Customers will happily pay that little bit extra to you, in order to charge their cars whilst parking.

5.   Contributing to change in our environment

The fifth and final benefit – one we are extremely passionate about – is making a difference to the world we live in. By supporting the infrastructure needed to enable the public to have more sustainable ways of getting to A to B, you are encouraging the shift from traditional modes of transport to new, greener technologies.

Incorporating your values into your business helps to not only make you feel good about the work you do, but also resonates with your customers and clients.

At Gemini, we employ numerous solutions to support a sustainable future for the parking industry. These include switching from single-use non-recyclable PCN bags to 100% biodegradable alternatives, and our Contracts For Trees scheme that plants a tree on behalf of every new client we sign up.


When planning to add Electric Vehicle Charging to your existing car park, or even in planning a new car park for your business, there are a number of key considerations. Proper planning is crucial in ensuring success – both from an operational and commercial standpoint.


Electric vehicle or EV charging points need to be positioned with care, to ensure they are easy to use and do not negatively impact pedestrians or their surroundings. This applies to both on-street and off-street charging points.

Consider where people and parkers will walk around the spaces, and the position of charging cables and charging points in the area of your parking space. Prevent the possibility of cables trailing across where people will walk or park, which will be hazardous as well as unsightly.

Parking Bay Layout

Most people think a charging point can only serve the one space to which it is directly connected. However, with some thought into its placement, a charging point could, in fact, serve multiple spaces.

See the diagram below for an example of how a single charging point can provide multiple places to charge vehicles.

REF: http://www.oref.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/20160726-Charging-Infrastructure-Design-Guide-V1.3.3.pdf

For effective location selection, remember these key points:

  • Keep out of corners
  • Think about access in the space
  • Create some spaces that are dedicated to EV charging only
  • Provide some “flexi” spaces that allow for both.

Signage and Markings

It’s a great initiative to include EV charging stations within your car park, but if you are installing electric vehicle charging stations in your business, it is important to ensure that you let your customers know.

Good, clear signage pointing motorists towards the EV charging spaces and clearly marking the spaces provides a better experience for your customers.

We have seen some great practices, like changing the colour of the whole bay for dedicated EV charging parking spaces – a green floor and clear icons, making them stand out from standard bays. In some cases, simply having floor-markings and good signage will be sufficient. However, as we always advise, the easier it is for customers to see and use your bays, the more they will be put to use.

Selecting Your Charging Point

Power matters! Selecting the right charging point has a great impact on your customers’ experience in your car park. Selecting a charging point with a higher power output enables your customers to charge in less time.

See the table below: how different power output levels can impact the charging time.

Supply Rating 3-7 kW 7-22 kW Over 43 kW
Electrical Supply type AC Mostly AC, with some DC available AC and/or DC
Standard Charge Type (times vary depending on battery size) 4 to 8 hours 2 to 4 hours

25-40 minutes to reach

80% charge


Vehicle Compatibility ALL Most Most

As technology evolves, we predict that electric vehicles will have greater compatibility with fast-charging stations.


Although we hope that petrol or diesel-powered cars would obey the markings and refrain from parking in EV spaces, we are aware that this might not always be the case. This is especially true while electric vehicles are not widely adopted and considered the norm.

Unless your space is for flexible use by both, we recommend that the rules are adhered to, and you ensure that EV spaces are available to the customers who need to use them for charging.

Consider treating this in the same way you deal with people who park in disabled bays without the appropriate permits.

Passive revenue from your EV charging point

Leverage the opportunity of passive income, with your parking spaces generating an additional revenue stream whilst also providing a much-needed service to your customers.

Many EV Charging points allow the operator to have complete control over how you charge your customers. Set up multiple tariffs, multiple levels of access, for example: one level of access and tariff for customers and another for staff and other permit-based systems.

Motorists who require the use of your EV point will generally stay longer in your car park, and in turn, your business, spending more before returning onto the next phase of their journey.

Adding this additional feature and being a leader within your local community will give you a competitive edge over other businesses, attracting more new and repeat customers to your business.

Looking to implement EV charging for your business?

If you’re ready to grasp the key to future car parks, and your business is looking to provide EV charging points for your customers, talk to one of our experts today. Find out the best solutions for implementing EV charging points in your car park.

We have wide experience in every phase, from planning to implementation and enforcement, allowing you and your clients to have the best possible experience.

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