Retail Parks, Supermarkets and
Shopping Centres

We provide bespoke parking services to retail parks, shopping centres and supermarkets for the UK’s leading commercial agents (Savills, Colliers) and other global brands – delivering services to meet their individual needs.

Adding value

In today’s retail landscape, car parks are significant links in the value chain: the point at which customer experience begins when they reach your destination; a mandatory touchpoint for many shoppers. Your car park is the first point of contact – valuable for gaining customer insight: a source of actionable intelligence that enhances customer service, improves revenue and develops customer loyalty.

From the moment they approach your site to the moment they leave, your car park is making an impression on the shopper. It is the first and last brand representative at the point of entry and exit. Therefore, parking should always be a positive customer experience.

The car park is the first purchase a shopper agrees to make – which is why it is so important to partner with the right parking operator and opt for the best car park management solution for your site.

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Above and beyond

The convenience of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) has advantages, but the personal touch of car park managers can benefit customers and build your brand reputation. One simple positive human interaction improves the emotional state of a shopper and the experience provides positive brand association, etched in their memory.

Having a car parkmanager available with an umbrella to shelter customers from the rain and helping to carry bags, giving directions, or assisting with a broken-down vehicle – these small actions, compounded over time, have a big impact on how customers view your brand, giving you an
advantage over your competitors.

Protect your customers

Today’s customers expect appropriate dialogue and fair treatment in every exchange, so our parking solutions treat customers with compassion and appropriate leniency, rather than throwing out fines, unquestioned. Essentially, it is all down to balance. There is, of course, a need to manage and control parking, but it is every brand’s priority to put customers and potential customers first.

Whether your site and requirements include ANPR, patrols, pay and display, digital payments facilitated by apps – Gemini excels. Our core value is a commitment to excellence – essential for maintaining exceptional customer relations in accordance with your plans and ambitions.

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