Digital Parking Apps & Payment Systems

Customers are looking for swifter, smarter, easier ways to park and pay. Gemini have fully embraced the shift towards digital payments.

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Going Cashless

The use of digital payment solutions for car parks means that there’s no need for motorists to hunt for change.

Allow your customers to pay easily via mobile app, website, phone-call or text message. They can even top up their parking duration and add extra payments from any location, if they’re running late or simply enjoying their time out. 

The Safest Way to Pay

Gemini offers a range of cashless facilities easily accessible within your car parks, giving you instant payment with no cash-handling required.

Motorists value the convenience – and you also reap the benefits of instant cashless payments that are safe, secure, easily audited, reducing the need for additional contact and helping to save on staffing costs.

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The Benefits of Cashless Parking Solutions

  • Ease of Use – Our customers have provided consistently positive feedback regarding the ease of use for both the operators and their clients alike.
  • Low Capital Investment – Gemini’s payment system solutions require low capital investment from you.
  • Simple Implementation – Our cashless systems and payment apps are easily implemented, allowing you to get started right away.
  • Secure – Because they are cashless, you can wave goodbye to vandalism and robbery of machines.

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We’ll match your needs with fully-tailored car park equipment and parking management solutions. We offer flexible options for purchasing equipment including leasing or cost-free arrangements – to ensure you’re getting the fairest deal possible.

Whether your company is looking to simply upgrade its current car park, purchase a digital car park payment machine or completely re-invent the way you manage your car-park – Gemini will be happy to find the ideal solution for you and your goals.

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