Privately Owned Car Parks, Roads, Broadways and Private Land

Gemini is nationally respected for its outstanding parking services, excellent customer service, ethics, and expertise. We provide parking services in both the private and public sector. We manage a wide range of large and small car parks and parking spaces for private owners and companies, across the UK. These include multi-storey car-parks, shops, private roads and land.

Removing the headache

We can manage your existing car park, while it generates profits for you. We will also convert vacant lots and land if it has potential for parking – to generate income for you, with no effort on your part.

We are interested in leasing car parks, parking spaces, and suitable land, and we’ll manage everything – while you enjoy a passive income stream.

Full management offered

We are also interested in purchasing existing car parks and land we can develop from you, UK-wide, including vacant lots. We will purchase or rent it under licence or lease agreements – either for a fixed rental fee or on an income-share basis.

If you’re awaiting planning permission, redevelopment or sale, we can even generate instant income for you by renting your land or car park on a short-term basis, under licence.