Electric Vehicle Charging Points for Businesses

Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Solutions for your car parks and businesses.

Embrace Your Environmental Responsibility
with Electric Car Charging Points

We are as keen as you are to conserve our environment and lower our carbon emissions. And that’s why we support cleaner, greener journeys by providing electric vehicle charging points for use by motorists in your car parks, both underground and overground.

Our world-leading Rolec EVCPs provide a range of versatile charging solutions appropriate for the workplace, commercial and public locations – for a variety of budgets.

Our units have robust anodised aluminium structure, energy-efficient LED lighting and Smart integration capability with options for corporate branding and bespoke colour schemes.

Electric vehicles are continuing to become increasingly popular, and it looks like the trend is set to continue, with Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicting: “By 2026 electric vehicle sales will account for a fifth of sales in the UK, the forecasts show.” Creating the infrastructure for the future will ensure your business is always providing industry-leading services.

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Our Electric Vehicle Charring Point Solutions

  • We offer a range of prices and options for handheld, panels, posts and power boxes – for permanence or portability, security, permanent access.
  • Free-to-use or pay-to-use (PAYG) and token charging options offer you ultimate flexibility to meet your needs, and help us save the world!
  • A fully bespoke solution allows you to select custom colour schemes, format and smart integration capabilities.
  • Lead the way and show your commitment to saving our planet, by providing EV charging points

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