NHS, Private Hospitals, Medical Practices, Doctor Surgeries

As one of the largest providers to the health sector, Gemini delivers services across 10 major NHS sites as well as other  including St Barts NHS Trust; BMI Healthcare and other private hospitals, as well as for smaller clinics and practices.

Values based approach

We deliver ethical services and positive impact, revolutionising parking through a values-based approach, excellent customer focus and effective, empathetic enforcement.

We understand the needs of healthcare providers and patients, and aim to provide the perfect solution to meet your needs – focusing on accessibility and ease of use; expediency and convenience; increased revenue and sensitive management and enforcement – including permits and allowances for seriously ill patients and anxious visitors.

An essential service
Profits from healthcare parking payments go directly to the hospital or practice, to be reinvested. 

Parking management provides an effortless revenue stream and ensures that spaces are prioritised for patients and visitors.

Professional parking management is invaluable in a hospital or healthcare environment – to ensure all users’ safety, to maintain the integrity of designated parking areas (e.g. A&E, drop-off areas, disabled-accessible bays) and, most importantly, to ensure that ambulance and emergency vehicle routes are accessible at all times.

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Peace of Mind

Hospitals can get on with their prime purpose, while car parking management specialists deal with parking issues. As healthcare managers and staff know, if ambulances can’t achieve swift access because of parking regulation infringements – it could be fatal. Inconsiderate parking is not merely an inconvenience. Those potentially life-threatening – and reputation-threatening – risks must be mitigated by highly professional parking management.

Compassion is a value that the Gemini team is championing in their industry. At hospitals, although PCNs are only issued with good reason, we demonstrate sensitivity, humanity and compassion towards drivers throughout the issuing and appeals process.

Our standard

Gemini Parking Solutions – the only values-based parking management company in the UK – is constantly seeking ways to improve standards and employ emotional intelligence in our operations and in the appeals process; complementing and supporting health service priorities, for the benefit of all.

The company’s values of compassion are also reflected in our appeals statistics, particularly within the NHS hospitals managed. The industry average on appeals upheld is around about 20%, yet Gemini’s sympathetic approach means an acceptance rate of 38%.