It comes with great pride that we officially announce the promotion of Alastair Finlayson to General Manager of Gemini Parking Solutions.

Many of our clients and industry colleagues will already be very familiar with Alastair, and this move comes as no surprise that he is being rewarded for his years of hard work, dedication to exceptional customer service and passion for driving the industry into a better future.

Alastair’s career offers a rather inspirational journey. He joined Gemini Parking Solutions over 6 years ago as an Administrator, having previously worked as a Weekend Supervisor in Primark. After joining, his excellent work ethic quickly shone through in the company and former CEO and mentor, Ryan Jackson put in place a personal development plan that would see Alastair take on new responsibilities.

After a promotion to Account Manager, Alastair continued his progression, further developing into Head of Site and Project Management, where he interacted on a daily basis with clients across the county.

Alastair’s passion for changing the image of the parking industry for the better has been undeniable, and when asked why, he notes: “I envision the future of parking in a different light to that of a few years ago. I believe the public’s perception of parking can and needs to change, but the only way this can happen is from the industry itself. We have already seen a great shift into technology adoption, which makes people’s lives so much easier when finding, paying and extending their parking sessions – the final piece lies with how we deliver our service.” Alastair then goes on to describe why values are so important in this industry: “Taking a values based approach can impact every aspect of the business. It is by embodying the values that you set, that motorists come to trust your company and see your parking system as a fair governing force that allows for a better experience for all.” It was the way in which these values were embraced which earned Gemini Parking Solutions the coveted title of Parking Provider of the Year, 2021 in the British parking Awards.

When asked about his promotion, Alastair added a final comment:

“Being promoted to General Manager of Gemini Parking Solutions is a true honour as it is a company I have worked for over many years and have grown a personal attachment to the brand. I look forward to the future growth of the business.”

Join us in congratulating Alastair as he continues his exciting journey with Gemini Parking Solutions and transitions into his new role.