We have a very important topic to discuss today which is the new Parking Code of Practice for 2021, and we couldn’t think of a guest that would give more insight than Steve Clark of The British Parking Association. In today’s episode, and Steve’s second appearance on the Brake The Mould Parking Podcast we explore what exactly this new code means for motorists, operators and the industry. Are there parts of the code that Steve and ourselves disagree with and could there be potential to turn some of these points into a positive?

Tune in today to find out everything you need to know about the new Parking Code of Practice and more, as we dive into some of the deeper issues that the industry may be facing in 2021, which presents a new set of challenges along with a world of new opportunities alike.

We wanted a single code of practice, which is good for motorists, landowners, and operators, we wanted a single appeals service and a standard-setting body, to ensure the industry can all adhere to the same standards – all of which was delivered. But what was it about the latest code of practice that caused some concern amongst operators?

Find out all of this and more in today’s episode.


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About The British Parking Association

Each day millions of vehicles make journeys that begin and end in parking. The British Parking Association, or BPA, want journeys to be seamless, whatever the mode of transport and the parking experience to be memorably stress-free and efficient.

As the leading association for the parking sector, The BPA are at the forefront of research and technological innovation, determined to help create a cleaner, safer, and less congested world where everyone can move around freely and easily.

Our world is changing and the BPA are always at the heart of a rapidly developing sector as trusted experts who understand the parking and mobility needs of our communities.

Learn more about the BPA and what they do on their website, here.