Automated car parks have long been a dream for urban planners and drivers alike, promising to alleviate the stress of finding parking in congested areas. Well, the future may be closer than we think, with a self-parking robot called Parkie among the early technology award winners at CES 2024.

Parkie, developed by the Korean mobility technology specialist HLmando, is a self-parking robot that employs Level 4 autonomous driving technology. This skateboard-like machine is designed to recognise objects, tyres, and number plates, allowing it to independently assess parking spaces and vacant areas without the need for additional infrastructure or spatial constraints.

Standing at just 3.5 inches (89 mm) high, Parkie is lower than most engineer car jacks, making it compatible with most commonly used vehicles. It leads vehicles to vacant parking bays, effectively optimising parking space utilisation. In fact, its maker claims that Parkie can liberate an additional 30% of parking spaces in congested environments.

Scheduled to commence testing in April at a start-up hub south of Seoul, Parkie will undergo trials in complex multi-story car parks. Choi Sung-ho, HLmando’s vice president of the mobility solution technology group, highlights that Parkie not only enhances the efficiency of parking spaces but also strengthens the competitiveness of buildings by utilising abandoned spaces.

How Robot Parking Devices Will Revolutionise the Parking Experience for Businesses

As technology like Parkie becomes more prevalent, businesses stand to benefit significantly from the revolutionised parking experience:

1. Increased Parking Space: Parkie enables the implementation of mechanical parking methods in automated car parks, resulting in an impressive increase of up to 30% in available parking spaces. This expanded capacity enhances the competitiveness of businesses by accommodating more vehicles and visitors.

2. Revenue Competitiveness: By expanding parking capacity and optimising turnover rates, businesses can boost their revenue competitiveness. Additionally, the implementation of automated parking systems reduces labour costs and mitigates service risks associated with human valet services.

3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With Parkie’s seamless parking process, businesses can minimise parking time and alleviate the inconvenience caused by inadequate driving skills. This improved satisfaction ultimately leads to a preference for businesses’ spaces, contributing to their overall value enhancement.

Gemini Parking Solutions envisions a future where advanced parking technology, such as self-parking robots, seamlessly integrates with digital permit systems to elevate the parking experience for businesses and customers alike. Here’s how we foresee this innovation transforming various sectors:

1. Office Buildings: With self-parking robots like Parkie, employees arriving at office buildings can enjoy a hassle-free parking experience. By pairing this technology with digital permit systems, businesses can streamline parking management. Employees simply drop off their cars at the front desk, where it’s linked to their digital permit. This not only eliminates the need for manual permit verification but also ensures efficient parking allocation.

2. Residential Buildings: Residents of apartment complexes and gated communities can benefit from automated parking solutions. By integrating self-parking robots with digital permit systems, residents can easily register their vehicles and access designated parking areas. Whether it’s overnight parking or visiting a friend in their residential building (with the car being whisked away to one of the guest bays), the process becomes seamless and convenient, enhancing resident satisfaction.

3. Hotels: For hotel guests, parking can often be a source of frustration. However, with the implementation of self-parking robots and digital permit systems, hotels can offer a premium parking experience. Guests can drop off their vehicles at the entrance, and the robots will autonomously park them in designated areas linked to their digital permits. This not only adds a touch of luxury to the guest experience but also improves operational efficiency for hotel staff.

We believe that the integration of advanced parking technology with digital permit systems holds immense potential for enhancing the parking experience across various sectors.

Imagine what the future of an arrival experience could look like. It would be akin to having valet parking but linked to all of your digital systems. Business owners would have their finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding their parking demand. This could pave the way for dynamic pricing and out of hours serviced parking. A definite plus for business owners.

By making parking effortless and efficient, businesses can deliver exceptional service to their customers and streamline parking operations for maximum convenience, without having to add additional staff.