Top Cash Collection Companies

Every day, billions of pounds, dollars, and other currencies are transferred across the country from businesses, banks, governments, institutions, and the public. Especially for companies which attract a reasonable profit, transporting cash – as well as electronic funds – must be conducted with the utmost security and efficiency. Cash collection is one of the most crucial industries serving both the public and private sector, and finding the right company which can serve a customer’s needs is as important as the financial infrastructure itself. Here are four companies which provide these vital services, and how each one of them have come to excel in the cash collection sector by focusing on reliability, customer service, support, and cost effectiveness.


Transporting £150 billion each year, Loomis is one of the UK’s most essential cash collection services. With highly trained staff and specialized equipment, Loomis makes safety its number one priority. Loomis does this by reducing chances of theft and potential assault on staff at work as well delivering cash to banking points, also minimising risk to the general public. Loomis engineers its program to cater directly to its clients, making it not only safe, but extremely cost effective as well as saving time.

Contract Security

Another leader in the market for cash collection, Contract Security not only meets British standards for security and performance but excels in them, providing a customisable service which is safe and efficient. It uses heightened security methods to ensure the safety of all goods, including safekeeping of keys and information as well as during cash collections. It makes sure that customers are informed about the vehicles involved in cash collection to verify additional authentification. Contract Security caters to a wide variety of industries, and is able to provide many services quickly whether it is a last minute enquiry or regular schedule.


G4S is one of the biggest and most established cash collection companies in the industry, serving the government as well as several businesses and other organisations. It operates on a global scale with a presence in more than 120 countries in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Its extensive experience in security has led to its rise as a successful company and a valuable contributor to the economic structure of various reasons. Managing operations of this scale goes right down to the basic level of reliability, professionalism and security, which G4S provides. They offer secure solutions for the variety of industries which can accommodate virtually every need, and are expert training and protection.

Security Plus

Security Plus is another major competitor in the industry, operating widely in Europe as well as the UK. Their services are centred on security as well as cash collection, and have developed an infrastructure which is based around time efficiency as well as safety. Using advanced technology and equipment to ensure the protection of cash collectors as well as staff and operating on a flexible timeline for clients, it is one of the top choices for high street vendors. It also offers a comprehensive network of communication so that customers can maintain an easy correspondence.