Gemini Parking Solutions is a leading provider of car park management solutions, offering a wide range of services to ensure a seamless parking experience for businesses and their customers.

With a strong focus on advanced technology, customer convenience and sustainable initiatives, Gemini Parking Solutions is committed to delivering innovative solutions that drive business growth and enhance visitor satisfaction. Having won ‘Parking Provider of the Year’ at the British Parking Awards, Gemini continues to strive for excellence and evolve the way in which we offer parking management with a difference.

Below are the most popular services and solutions offered to our customers across the UK, and how they can support your business goals through a better parking experience.

ANPR Parkway: Enhancing Parking Efficiency and Fairness

ANPR Parkway, powered by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera systems and tailored back-office solutions, is at the forefront of Gemini Parking Solutions’ commitment to balance, fairness, and adaptability in car park management.

By going beyond traditional enforcement-focused approaches, the ANPR Parkway system ensures a smooth parking experience while protecting the reputation of businesses within the community.

With strategically placed ANPR cameras, Gemini Parking Solutions accurately captures vehicle registration numbers on entry and exit, enabling efficient assessment of compliance with car park regulations and providing valuable insights into usage patterns.

In the event of non-compliance, we employ a fair and efficient resolution process, ensuring precision and the equitable treatment of visitors. It’s just one of the reasons why we continue to receive such positive feedback from our clients and customers.


Cashless Systems & Solutions: Embracing the Future of Payment

In an era where cashless payments have become the norm, Gemini Parking Solutions offers a range of hassle-free cashless payment solutions to meet customer demands.

With options like ScanPay and contactless payments, customers can conveniently pay for their parking using QR codes, mobile apps, or credit/debit cards. These cashless systems not only cater to changing consumer trends but also contribute to improved operational efficiency for businesses.

ScanPay offers a non-registration self-service option through a simple QR code scan, enabling customers to make card payments or use Apple or Google Pay without the need for app registration or payment machine queues. With these cashless solutions, businesses can streamline their parking operations and provide a hassle-free payment experience for their customers.

Permit & Membership Systems: Simplifying Access and Monitoring

Gemini Parking Solutions offer bespoke permit and membership systems that leverage cloud-based technology to simplify the process of issuing, managing, and updating permits. It’s something that has won the favour of leisure clubs across the country who now enjoy an effortless way to issue, manage and automate their permits for members.

Whether it’s resident permits, staff parking permits, gym and leisure club member permits, visitor permits, corporate business permits, or season tickets, the flexible permit systems provided by Gemini Parking Solutions reduce administrative burdens and enhance the parking experience for repeat customers.

Future Planning & Adding Value through Sustainable Initiatives

Gemini Parking Solutions’ commitment to sustainability is reflected in their innovative Urban Hubs product. By repurposing underused car parks into vibrant community hubs, Gemini Parking Solutions partners with various service providers to attract visitors and generate additional income.

These Urban Hubs incorporate services such as parcel lockers, car valuation centres, car rental operations, vehicle storage, and car wash facilities, creating multifunctional spaces that benefit both businesses and the community.

In addition, Gemini Parking Solutions’ Urban Mobility Hubs focus on sustainability by providing EV charging points, convenient paperless payment options, package delivery lockers, and more.

Why Gemini Parking Solutions is the UK’s Recommended Parking Management Company

Gemini Parking Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services that transform the parking experience for businesses and their customers. From ANPR Parkway for efficient and fair enforcement to cashless payment systems and permit management solutions, Gemini Parking Solutions leverages technology to enhance convenience and streamline operations.

The company’s focus on sustainability and community engagement through initiatives like Urban Hubs and Urban Mobility Hubs demonstrates their commitment to creating a brighter, greener future.

By partnering with Gemini Parking Solutions, businesses can unlock the full potential of their parking facilities, ensuring seamless experiences, improved revenue generation, and sustainable growth.

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