Gemini Parking Solutions is proud to announce Y-Pay, the latest parking app designed and created from the ground up with our end-users in mind. Created to solve the problems parkers face on a daily basis, this new app will soon be integral to the parking experience, helping users to park, pay and extend their stay, all from within the app. Y-Pay launches with the goal to become the best parking app to use in 2021.

Designed to eliminate that common feeling when you arrive at a car park, only to realise you don’t have any change, the app not only provides a cashless solution – but answers to the other common difficulties faced when visiting a car park. Another common gripe of parkers is that moment when you are faced with the question of: “How long will I need?”. This often ends in an underestimation and a tedious trip back to the car park, just to buy another ticket for that final 45 minutes.

Y-Pay solves these recurring problems for the general public and ends them, once and for all, by making the parking experience more pleasurable as a whole. As in all other areas of the business, Gemini Parking Solutions looks to break the status quo and drive forward with excellence, by including Y-Pay as a standard provision within our car parks.

Y-Pay sets the industry standard for how people park, pay and extend their stay – bringing the parking journey into the 21st century.

Designed to provide the best experience from start to finish, the app focuses on two key things: speed and simplicity.

By using Y Pay and integrating it into your parking solution, you are putting your customers’ experiences at the forefront of what you do. Designed to be the best parking app for businesses and users alike, Y-Pay ensures that your customer’s first impression is an easy and enjoyable experience, setting the scene and lifting the mood before they step foot into your business.


Find out more about Y-Pay on their website.