Digital Parking Apps & Payment Systems

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Customers are looking for swifter, smarter, easier ways to park and pay. Gemini have fully embraced the shift towards digital payments and so offer an array of user-friendly mobile and web-based parking apps.

Going Cashless

The use of digitalpayment solutions means that there’s no need for motorists to hunt for change – viamobile app, website, phone-call or text message, customers can pay easily and instantly. They can even top up their parking duration and add extra payments from any location, if they’re running late or simply enjoying their time out. Easy!

Receiving payment safely

 Since digitalisation has revolutionised payment systems and money is rarely carried, more people opt for cashless payments – via Apple Pay and other means. Gemini offers a range of cashless facilities easily accessible within your car parks, giving you instant payment with no cash-handling required. Motorists value the convenience – and you also reap the benefits of instant cashless payments that are safe, secure, easily audited, and reduce staffing costs.

Ease of use

 Gemini’s payment system solutions require low capital investment from you, are easy to implement, and because they are cashless, you can wave goodbye to vandalism and robbery of machines.   Manage your parking easily and profitably – with no stress for the customer or for you. What could be easier?