Permit Systems

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Maintain Control

Gemini provides you with flexible, easy-to-use parking permit solutions that take the strain from you, allowing you to get on with your day job. We offer customisable permit applications and cloud-based, paper and linked permits that save you the time and cost of all that permit application processing and approval, production, allocation and monitoring.

Making the process easier

Let Gemini lighten your load. You make the rules – on access and parking duration – and leave us to implement them for you. We monitor and manage the people you allow to park – whether they are staff, customers, or contractors – ensuring that only those with valid permits take up your parking spaces, and only for the period and duration you decide.

Full integration with our systems

Fully integrated, our simple digital system works alongside ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera systems or enforcement staff. Whether you use ANPR or not, attendants on sites can use our handheld devices to check the system for valid permits instantaneously.