Refer a Business Car Park
and Receive a £500 Reward

Refer another business for our
award-winning parking management
and receive a £500 reward.

Do you know of a business that could benefit from our parking management services?
We would be pleased to reward you for your referral. It’s as simple as completing our referral form below and you could be rewarded for your referral.

Simply view the referral criteria, fill out the referral form and you could be rewarded.

What are the Criteria?

The business you refer must be a new Gemini Parking Solutions customer or a previous customer whose agreement ended over 12 months ago. The referred business must have a car park site within the UK that we cover, with a minimum of 12 parking spaces

If the referred business signs up for a Gemini Parking Solutions service, you will receive a reward of £500 via email after the business has been live with our service for at least 60 days.
This offer is not available to Gemini Parking Solutions employees or their immediate family.

Are You Referring
a Sister Property?

Additionally, we have extended the reward scheme to include referrals for additional sites within your business. To qualify, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Successfully refer a new business entity that has not been a Gemini Parking Solutions client previously or for at least 12 months and is unrelated to your own business; or
  • If you are an existing client, refer a new site owned or operated by your business or organisation that has not been previously identified as a prospective site*.

*Existing clients referring other sites within the Group or related entities are not eligible for this promotion if there is already an agreement in place relating to pre-selected or identified sites as part of a multi-site agreement.

Refer a Business Today

Simply enter your referral details below and our team will review the details.