Self Ticketing Services

To find out more about our parking services contact a member of staff on 0871 200 2143

The ultimate cost-effective enforcement technique. Ideal for managing your small to medium car park.
State of the art hand-held technology
License to issue your own tickets

Everything you need

Regain control of your parking area with our simple and effective self-ticketing system. Unlike other providers, we give you full access to our management system, so you can directly upload parking tickets and monitor progress.

Our easy-to-manage Gold Standard self-ticketing system is only £149 plus delivery and comes with all the equipment you need to start managing your car park:

  • Access to the Gemini management system
  • 4 Gemini Parking warning signs
  • 50 parking charge notices with wallets
  • 10 parking permits
  • 1 set-up guide

We make it simple

We provide you with the kit to manage your own car park, and a member of the Gemini team will train your people in how it works.

You will also have a direct point of contact on our team – so there’s a friendly Gemini representative at the end of the phone if you ever need guidance.

Contact us today to discuss self-ticketing services.