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Hassle-free and Ethical Parking Management. Perfectly tailored for your business, easy to understand and fair on your visitors.

Nationwide coverage

Whether you’re in Land’s End or John O’Groats or somewhere in between we take the stress out of managing your car park

Hospital car parking

We help over five million visitors to NHS car parks every year. Discover our flexible, friendly approach to this complex challenge.

Is Your Car Park Draining Time, Resources & Revenue?

  • Parking management is a delicate matter that affects your organisation’s reputation and bottom line.
  • Without a compassionate yet firm approach, you’ll have a frenzy of unauthorised parking,resulting in insufficient bays and risk losing both revenue and customers with overly strict or confusing rules.
  • Then there’s the hassle of payments, complaints and appeals. Which can quickly drain your staff’s time and energy.
  • Gemini Parking Solutions perfects the entire parking experience. Operating nationwide, we set up cost neutral parking solutions that tailored to fit your exact needs.
  • Ready to save time, energy and generate more revenue from your car park? You’re in the right place!

Sectors We Work Within


Bespoke, user-friendly solutions for retail parks, shopping centres and supermarkets. National coverage, serving some of the UK’s biggest commercial agents including Savills and Colliers.


We serve Hilton and other leading hotel and spa brands with widely various parking solutions. We ensure space availability for hotel guests and accurate, easy payment where parking charges apply.


Gemini’s vast experience in this sector makes it the preferred supplier to the UK’s largest leisure provider. From ANPR cameras to cashless and pay and display systems we have solution for you.


We are one of the leading parking specialists in this field, managing 12 NHS sites across the UK; including St Barts NHS Trust. We provide compassionate solutions that put visitors and motorists first.


From office car parks to industrial estates, we deliver an array of services and systems that resolve unauthorised and problem parking, and create income where charges are applicable.

Private Parking

On private roads, car parks and land, we generate revenue and ensure that authorised vehicles only are permitted to park. We help private landowners to maximise their assets, creating income.

Pubs and Restaurants

With years of experience providing services to pubs and restaurants across the UK, we have helped leading pubs and restaurants such as Greene King and Harvester resolve many of their parking issues within their sites.

See How We Have Helped Our Past Clients

Is Your Site Ready to Maximise Revenue?

Creating a Win-Win For You & Your Visitors

  • More Free Spaces – unclog your busy car park by reliably tracking and preventing unauthorised parking
  • Happier Visitors – easy to understand and fair parking for customers, making their visit even easier
  • Free Up Resources – stop wasting resources on parking and focus on the more important matters
  • Avoid Headaches & Hassle – don’t worry about payments or paperwork, we handle everything professionally
  • Increase Revenue – on-site machines and cashless systems enable convenient parking payments on your behalf.

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