New Parking Bill to be introduced

A new Parking Bill is currently going through parliament, but many clients and motorists aren’t aware of it, and how it will affect our parking industry.

The Parking (Code of Practice) Bill is a private member’s bill that will result in the production of a new code of practice and stricter guidance on the management and operation of private parking facilities. The new code of practice written into the bill is expected to include a whole host of new rules, including a 10-minute grace period for drivers overstaying the parking restriction times, and a maximum limit of £100 for parking charge notices.

The bill IS also set to establish a new single, independent appeals service where by motorists are able challenge their pcn’s, at present there are two such appeals services which may cause confusion for motorists. There will also be a levy placed on the parking industry, which will cover the costs of issuing, administering and investigating all failures by parking management companies to act in accordance with the code.

The bill is part of the Tory manifesto’s commitment to tackle unfair charges being issued by unscrupulous parking operators. It completed its stages of progress through parliament with cross-party support and had its second reading on 18 January 2019, before going on to the House of Lords, to be ratified in law.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said the parking bill will help decrease the number of motorists ‘complaining of inconsistent practices, substandard signage, confusing appeal processes and intimidating payment letters’.

Gemini are in full support of the new Parking Bill and welcome it as a positive change for the industry.