With the continuous development in technology, you’ll definitely find the right devices, software and services to match your car park needs. However, if you want a quick parking solution and an upgrade for your car park security system, you might want to consider installing Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).


ANPR is the abbreviation for the term Automatic Number Plate Recognition. This may also be referred to as License Plate Recognition. This device was invented at the Police Scientific Development Branch in the United Kingdom in 1976. In 1990, it became popular because of new developments and soon became inexpensive and easier to use.

This device automatically reads and recognises vehicle registration marks because of its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and Infrared Illumination. It has the ability to capture a clear image of a vehicle at any time of the day or night. It can extract details from a number plate which can be indexed into a database record which is mainly used by the police force in solving unidentified crimes and to detect travelling criminals at a local, regional and national level. It is also used by government agencies and commercial businesses such as supermarkets and shopping centres with large parking areas. Apart from this, the ANPR system is also used for automated toll collection and monitoring movements of traffic.


ANPR cameras are placed at the entrance and exit points of a car park to capture details of the vehicle upon entering and leaving a property to identify if the vehicle is unauthorised, uninsured or stolen. As the ANPR reads and recognises a vehicle of interest, police officers can intercept, access for investigative purposes and make arrests, if necessary. It has been proven to be a great help in solving major crimes as it holds a record of all vehicles that pass by the cameras.


24-hour monitoring
With ANPR cameras, you’ve always got your eyes on your car park. You can manage the vehicles maximum stay limits and will give you an overview of the site, day and night.

Relatively low cost
If you are looking to cut costs and reduce the need for security personnel, ANPR is the best option for you. It includes a wide range of benefits such as automated toll payment, vehicle location and crime prevention, vehicle tax evasion detection, theft and fraud prevention.

Increase revenue generation
The best way to maximise your profit is to take advantage of the improving technology. Before entering the car park, drivers need to input their registration details to the pay and display machine to compare against the ANPR record. With this, you can monitor the duration of the stay of the vehicle and you can easily identify if they have paid or not. That said, you can issue Parking Charge Notice within 48 hours if they have exceeded the duration of the paid period.

Help in investigations
As mentioned above, ANPR is a big help in criminal cases. It serves as evidence and provides valuable information that can be used in an investigation. Records that ANPR capture are considered as sources of information especially in crime and incident data. It provides intelligence pictures to identify where and when the vehicle in question has travelled.


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