Its Live! Listen to the latest episode of the Brake The Mould Parking Podcast, featuring Gareth Buchanan-Robinson from PARK NOW Group.

In today’s episode of Brake the Mould, we talk to the Commercial Director of the Park Now Group or Ringo as they are commonly known, Gareth Is the world ready to go cashless? That is the question we planned to answer almost 6 months ago, when we first arranged to have Gareth on this podcast. This suddenly came to become a topic that was very much relevant, with the global lockdowns which not only delayed the recording of this podcast but also brought cashless even further into the daily lives of the nation.

Gareth shares his insights and we dove deep into the question “is the world of parking ready to go cashless?” – which he admits, if we had posed the question in March, may have been a totally different answer. But today, with health and safety as the motivator, cashless is almost a requirement in parking sites across the UK. And it’s not just being lead by the parking operators, but local authorities are now mandating this within parking.


Are customers and the general public ready to embrace cashless? What are the technologies that will support this and how can we ensure a smooth shift to a cashless world? Should parking operators have seen this coming and were they holding on to the ‘old world’ methods of the parking industry? There couldn’t be a better person in the industry to talk to ask these questions and we are looking forward to hearing Gareth’s insights.

We talk innovation and explore the interesting ways that we can drive the industry forward – plus reflect on how the COVID-19 pandemic may have actually helped move operators into these new innovations. Not only that, but how else has this pandemic benefitted us as both parking operators, leaders, and employees. Gareth shares some great points on effective leadership and maintaining a work/life balance.

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