At Gemini Parking Solutions we recognise the value of great customer service and place it at the forefront of our business. Whilst we provide parking management for our clients and of course this is our main priority we also understand that we are dealing with people, and that it is vital for us to show compassion when delivering our services.

This was never more apparent than when we recently received a thank you card from a motorist. They had been in receipt of one of our parking charge notices yet when they wrote to us with evidence that they had a genuine reason for being late returning to their vehicle, we had no hesitation in cancelling the notice.

To our delight this lady not only called our offices to express her thanks but also sent a card. Even though the parking enforcement was accurate we recognised the genuine and sincere circumstances that caused this customer’s appointment to overrun and so decided to remove the notice. We believe this demonstrates how committed we are to being a values based parking operator. It is also testament to our great customer services team that the motorist felt compelled to thank us directly for the way her appeal was handled.

Gemini Parking Solutions is a truly customer focused business with a vision to turn around public perception of parking enforcement. We will always be firm but fair when carrying out parking enforcement and this is exactly the case here. We believe this means that our clients and those parking at our clients premises can be confident we operate fairly and with everyone’s best interests at heart.