2014 has been a busy year for all of the team at Gemini Parking Solutions. We are proud to announce that we have recently formed two exciting new partnerships with both Burger King and Urbanlife Property Management. Both of these new partnerships are based in the greater London area and are a wonderful addition to the Gemini Parking Solutions portfolio. We are delighted to see that working with Gemini Parking Solutions has already started to reap benefits for both of the businesses involved, and are proud of the results that both of these new clients have experienced.

The team at Burger King have opted for our ANPR system. This allows the Burger King team to simply and easily control the unauthorised vehicles choosing to park on their premises and means they can always ensure that they have spaces available for genuine customers to park. Since the installation of our system, Burger King has seen incredible improvements to the parking issues they had previously experienced, and the availability of parking spaces for their customers will also ultimately lead to an increase in profits for the outlet. This is a wonderful example of how taking control of your private land can help you to improve your business practices, turn over larger profits, and ultimately increase your customer satisfaction.

We have also partnered with Urbanlife Property Management to provide a different solution to their unique parking problem. They were finding that they were having huge problems within their two residential property developments with unauthorised cars parking in bays that were owned by their property’s residents. This left them -with frustrated and unhappy home owners who were unable to park in their own parking bays and a car park that was entirely ineffective. With the help of Gemini Parking Solutions they have completely turned their problem around and we have turned their carpark into a simple and controlled environment. Gemini Parking Solutions provided Urbanlife Property Management with warden patrols to constantly survey both of their properties and ensure that no unauthorised vehicles are able to enter or park on their premises. This has resulted in happier residents within both properties, and therefore less calls to the Property Management company asking them to deal with the parking problems; meaning their man hours are freed up to focus on other issues, and on developing other aspects of their business.