This year, four outstanding Gemini Parking Solutions employees will park their cars and hit the road for charity. Sarah Richardson, Katie Moles, Monika Duszynska and Ryan Jackson will be competing in the Nuclear Races, an intrepid 6k to 12k run to raise money for the HDF Mercy Centre in May.

Situated in Bangkok, Thailand, the Mercy Centre helps Thai street kids and mothers who are living in poverty, providing help for those suffering from HIV/AIDs, hospice services, classrooms and gardens to offer a beacon of hope amidst some of Bangkok’s more vulnerable communities. Over the years, the Centre has reached out to countless children and families in need, and is a cause which is close to our hearts and Gemini Parking Solutions Director Ryan Jackson. Jackson plans on visiting the orphanages in April and Gemini Parking Solutions will be raising funds to help the Centre continue its vital work in the community by contributing to this worthy cause.

Without the Mercy Centre, many children and women face little hope. No education, healthcare, or protection means that they live in dangerous conditions without any prospect of moving on to a better quality of life. For many, the Centre is their sole chance not only of surviving with HIV/AIDS, but receiving treatment for other illnesses, giving orphans a home, and keeping children off the streets, out of human trafficking, and in the classroom with high quality education. However, despite the Centre’s excellent work spanning over 40 years, it still needs to regularly maintain its facilities which include a hospice, gardens, playground, classrooms, and homes for children and their mothers, as well as caring for and educating the children themselves. It is these very children who are the reason that Gemini Parking Solutions will be sending our best to raise money for the Centre, as well as increase awareness about the good work the Centre does each and every day.

Running for Hope

There couldn’t be a better cause to support, nor a more challenging race to take part in. Monika Sarah, Katie and Ryan won’t just be running – they’ll be facing a gruelling round of mud-slinging, barrier-climbing, rope-swinging chaos like the Death Slide, River Run, Para Plunge, Ridge of Revenge, the Last Gasp, Devils Dyke, and more. And if that’s not enough to strike fear into the heart of every runner out there, Ryan has decided to take on the 12k race!

Training incorporates a wide range of activities, including cardio, muscle building and endurance. Runners will have to be able to scale high structures as well as climb, swing, swim, and crawl through narrow passageways in every kind of weather, as well as face their fears. Team work is equally important, learning to collaborate with others as well as rely on individual skills. The Nuclear Races aren’t just about stamina, but about psychological strength and how much the individual thinks they can take on.

Gemini Parking Solutions is proud to have Sarah, Monika, Katie and Ryan undertake such an incredible series of feats, especially in the name of charity. Caring about our local and international community and helping others is what Gemini is all about, and we’d like to give our customers the opportunity to take part as well. Please consider sponsoring Sarah, Katie Monika and Ryan and become a part of a brighter, better future for children