Gemini Parking Solutions Newsletter

Every great company has a cause, and Gemini Parking Solutions is no exception. Being devoted to providing the best service to the public for safe and efficient parking solutions may be the ethos which drives Gemini, but it’s also the out of the office (or car park) work which truly demonstrates the dedication and compassion of its employees, particularly parking management.

Take Ryan Jackson, Gemini Parking Solutions Director. This year he participated in the relentless Nuclear Races in Brentwood to raise awareness and funds for a charity in Thailand called the Mercy Centre. This entailed a gruelling trek through 12 kilometres of harsh, rugged, and muddy terrain plagued with obstacles designed to test even the staunchest of fitness levels. This included the death slide, river run, summit trek, para plunge, gator pit, wet crawl, and other feats of jumping, swimming, climbing, and running at the Secret Bunker Estate. In true heroic style, Jackson completed the course in a dramatic 2 hours and 19 minutes – all in the name of goodwill and fundraising.

A Great Cause

It’s goodwill like this which sets the parking enforcement team and their executives a cut above the rest, and it’s a gesture which the Mercy Centre will not forget, with a grand £1500 raised for its cause. Built in Bangkok, the Centre has helped street children, orphans, and children with HIV/AIDS for more than 40 years. Thanks to the dedicated work of volunteers from within and outside of the community, the Centre now boasts a 400-pupil strong kindergarten, community gathering place, playgrounds, and gardens as well as clean, updated facilities for eating and sleeping. Most importantly, the Mercy Centre provides a safe, friendly, loving, and inclusive space where children can feel like they have a community and the chance for a bright and promising future.

On reflecting on his contributions to the Centre, Jackson said: “The race was by far the most difficult challenge I have ever experienced, it was a lot harder than I ever expected and there were times especially towards the end when I questioned why on earth I was putting myself through this. But once I crossed the finishing line and the aches started to fade away, I remembered exactly why we had signed up for the race. We managed to raise over £1500 for an amazing cause, and in some cases it can be the difference between life or death for some of these unfortunate children and families. The Mercy Centre is an amazing cause and one that is very close to my heart. We intend to make an ongoing commitment to support the work carried out at the Mercy Centre and I personally will be making another visit later this year to discuss other ways in which the team at Gemini Parking Solutions can help.”

Thanks to Jackson’s and Gemini Parking Solution’s exemplary efforts, life will be a little bit brighter for some very special children in Thailand.