It is with great pride that we announce that Gemini Parking Solutions has been named Parking Provider of the Year 2021 in the British Parking Awards 2021.

Considered to be the most prestigious amongst all categories in The British Parking Awards, the Parking Provider of the Year is awarded to an organisation that continuously delivers exceptional services to both their clients, motorists and the general public. The award, which was open to local authorities, private sector operators such as Gemini Parking Solutions, as well as third part platforms that offer inventory held by operators, such as digital parking apps.

The judges, made up of an independent panel, looked at some key measures to identify who would be the winner of this highly sought after awards. These criteria included; Consistent application of good practice, building of partnerships to deliver positive results, outstanding customer service, a commitment to positive change within the industry and being representatives of the parking sector to customers and the wider community.

At Gemini Parking Solutions, as the UK’s leading values-based parking management company, we are always driving towards positive change within the industry and looking for ways in which we can not only improve the image of parking, but the service that is delivered to motorists across the county.

From the consistent hard work and empathy of our appeals team, who were also named as finalists in an additional award, to the breaking of the norm in how the parking industry approaches and tackles challenges, with the award-winning podcast Brake The Mould, the whole team at Gemini Parking Solutions came together over the past year to ensure that we can not only deliver on the company’s service, but find ways to change the norm to which we work.

The pride associated with winning such an award is unmatched, with the British Parking Awards being the leading platform for recognising excellence within the industry. The awards, organised by Parking Review Magazine, is now approaching its 20th year, a monumental time to be given one of the headline awards within the event.

In addition to winning Parking Provider of the Year, Gemini Parking Solutions was named as finalists in 3 additional awards, including: Parking Person of the Year, Young Parking Person of the Year and Back Office Award.

It was an excellent night of celebration at The Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, and one that we are very grateful to have shared with our peers across the industry. The whole team at Gemini Parking Solutions would like to extend their congratulations to other winners and finalists, as well as thank you all for your support over the past year.