A proud moment for our team and a wonderful way to end 2020, with Brake The Mould Parking Podcast winning the Ernest Davis Award for Advancing Parking Knowledge!

Now coming into its 10th year, the award recognises the voices that are working hard at advancing knowledge for the Parking Industry. Ernest Davies, whom the award takes its name, was one of the founding members of the British Parking Association, who represent over 750 members across the United Kingdom. Today, the Association’s members include local authorities, those providing and managing parking at hospitals, universities, retail and leisure centres, towns and city centres, railway stations, and airports.

The judges from the British Parking Association noted about the podcast:

“It was [an] innovative and refreshing way to advance parking knowledge and raise issues in the industry, not only within our sector but also importantly to motorists. It scored strongly on all the criteria – style, content, value to the sector, originality and creativity.”

Ryan Jackson and Alastair Finlayson created the podcast with the aim of sharing industry news, insights and best practices, talking with some of the leading names in Parking in a light-hearted, approachable format. The first parking industry-related podcast in the country, Brake the Mould provides an alternative voice – an informative, conversational way of presenting the latest industry news and insights, coupled with innovative business discussions and thought leadership topics. Features include the new parking code, employee engagement, raising standards in the industry, the POPLA report review, motorist education – and much more.

Guests have included key people from the parking industry; company directors and key staff; thought-leaders and business influencers and the show will see many more inspiring voices in the 2021 season of Brake The Mould Parking Podcast.

We would like to thank all of our listeners, as well as the incredible guests we have been lucky enough to feature on the show in 2020, and we look forward to more fantastic guests in the new year.

Some of our popular episodes include:

Brake The Mould Parking Podcast with Steve Gooding from the RAC Foundation

Brake the mould with Best Selling Author Marianne Page - Employee engagement tips for the parking industry

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