Top Pay & Display Machines

Providing an essential service to the public is the key purpose of the parking industry, whether it is a successful commercial venture or locally-run operation. However, more and more businesses and councils are looking towards private companies for providing this service, relying on their expertise and capability to deliver professionally. Three companies in particular have stood out in the Pay & Display sector of the parking industry, performing successfully in reliability, customer service, and cost effectiveness. Let’s take a look and review them:


One of the world’s biggest parking companies working in 50 countries across the globe,Parkeon is one of the industry’s leading innovators. Using state of the art technology combined with user-friendly interfaces, Parkeon’s Pay & Display machines have become one of the most commonly used in the UK since the company’s origins in 2003. Parkeon is invested in sustainable development, implementing solar-powered machines in various locations, making it both a cost effective as well as environmentally conscious operator. Parkeon is now responsible for major transit systems in Europe and North America, serving a large number of the public on a regular basis. As well as its simplified system, its customer service and support are on hand for next working day fixes for all customers. Given Parkeon’s now huge presence in the parking and transit industry, it’s fairly safe to say that it is a prime choice for many investors.


With more than 40 years in the parking industry and with a large, worldwide presence,Metric Group is another big company which offers Pay & Display services. Headquartered in Swindon, it serves towns and cities across the UK with pay on foot machines as well as other Pay & Display models, conveniently located at prime tourist destinations as well as local car parks. Metric provides quick support and customer service, and like its competitors it is moving towards sustainable practices by using solar powered machines as well as encouraging employees to adopt energy saving measures at work. Metric is highly favoured among local authorities for its reliability, customer service and cost effectiveness.

Cale BriParc

Since the 1950s, Cale BriParc has become a huge global presence in the parking industry, beginning with the parking meter and engineering some of the first Pay & Display machines and parking terminals. Cale is investing in new technology to make parking more convenient for customers, such as the implementation of an app system which makes parking easier and creating programs which suit the public’s needs such as late hours, remote barrier openings and GSM-based help points. Its reliability and support is instrumental to the company’s success, and it is also working towards a sustainable future by changing the way it practices business.

Parkeon, Metric, and Cale are all extremely successful in their own right, which their long years of success in the industry signify. The only exception is Parkeon, whose time in the business is shorter but the sheer measure of its success clearly indicates a forward-thinking, reliable, and sustainable venture which has made it so popular with transit systems. All three serve important roles, receive positive response from their clients and are working towards an economically, as well as environmentally, conscious future.