Gemini Parking Solutions ANPR 

Like every industry, parking is a an essential function which must be updated with the latest technology on a regular basis in order to meet the demands of the increasing public presence of vehicles. This means enhancing the security and monitoring of car parks with up to date and efficient solutions which allow businesses to maintain full control of their premises.

A successful case study of utilising ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), GLL Rivermead Leisure Centre has greatly improved its parking security and management with the help of Gemini Parking Solutions. Gemini already has a strong presence in parking management in Reading and overall parking enforcement in Berkshire, and the company believes that the best alternative for reducing parking issues at the Leisure Centre is through updating its surveillance technology to ANPR, which is quickly becoming one of the most effective and sought-after technologies in the UK.

Like many gyms in Berkshire, GLL Leisure Centre Reading faces numerous challenges on a daily basis. These include malfunctions with the current machines which are old and out of date, resulting in accumulating maintenance costs, company time, and dissatisfied customers as well as individuals taking advantage of parking times. While GLL utilised the services of operative random patrols, car park users were able to trace the times of the operative and avoid fees. This resulted in decreased revenue for the gym as well.

ANPR Technology

The implementation of a new, updated Gemini Premiere pay and display ANPR system, users have to comply with parking regulations and are monitored. This ensures that everyone using the car park is doing so legally, thus reducing costs and inconvenience. The system functions on a 24/7 basis, also ensuring greater safety and security to the site for staff, and users of GLL.

ANPR’s success at GLL presents a great opportunity for other businesses with parking facilities to achieve the same standard. Through such a parking system, other businesses could have the chance to better monitor and ensure security for their premises.

Already, Gemini Parking Solutions holds a strong presence within the Reading area with its pay and display systems as well as ANPR and operative patrols. Implementing this at GLL allows the company to continue its impeccable service and also allow the gym to provide a safe, secure, and efficient car park for its users, reducing costs along the way.

Looking to deliver its quality service to residents of Reading, Gemini Parking Solutions would be delighted to discuss its management and security solutions to business owners interested in ANPR. We would be happy for individuals to contact Gemini Parking Solutions to begin discussions on implementing services like ANPR as appropriate for their business. Gemini can be reached by calling 08712 002143 or visiting the website at