As technology continues to advance and with the increasing improvement of machinery, tasks that needed to be done manually in the past could now be performed easily with the help of enhanced automation. These refined technologies are not only vital for huge industries, such as the medical and industrial fields, but for other services as well, such as car parking management.

One of the huge developments for car parking management is the use of pay and display machines. Automated pay and display parking machines are becoming the most favoured option in the management of car parking. Utilising this system allows private and public establishments to have effective monitoring of parking spaces and to also consistently generate revenue.

Furthermore, pay and display systems make transactions much simpler and more cost-effective, since there is no need for parking attendants to be stationed at a car park to collect payment or requiring customers to pay for parking as they are exiting the car park. Pay and display systems allow customers to purchase a ticket from a machine and simply display the ticket on their windscreen. In some cases, motorists need only enter their vehicle registration number, pay for parking and will not be required to display a ticket.

The use of pay and display machines is an efficient and convenient choice for any facility or public area that requires the processing of payment for parking access, offering a set of advantages to boost business revenue and improve the way car parking is managed.

Sense of control

The days of vainly searching for a parking attendant have disappeared. The ability to pay for a ticket and continue your day saves time and patience! Customers are able to quickly get all of the information they need from the machine right from the start so there is no need to have a parking attendant on site.

The ability to park and proceed

If customers wish to take more time with their errands they no longer have to walk back to their vehicle to place additional pounds into the meter to extend their parking time since they can use the mobile payment options. Show your customers that you value their time and you’re sure to receive a plethora of testimonials for your quality customer service.

Offers a variety of payment options

Customers can choose from several payment options such as paying with cash or a credit/debit card. This way, you are offering them a range of choice that is best for them and will lead to a more positive customer experience.

Reduce the need to contact customer service department over errors
With the help of technology, manual errors made by enforcement officers and customers can be eradicated, avoiding negative confrontations.

Reduce delay and stress

The fast ticket transaction reflects in the reduction in queues and delays as well as stress levels. Since pay and display systems come with the latest technology and new smart features, it gives businesses a competitive edge when customer convenience is improved.

At Gemini Parking Solutions, we’re always looking for little ways to improve the experience of owning and using a car park. We always keep an eye on the future and continuously strive for improvement.

Gemini Parking Solutions only use the most reliable machines to create a sustainable pay and display system with real benefits. It’s also one of the most efficient methods of revenue generation for a car park and has low maintenance requirements.

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