Ignoring official correspondence from reputable companies, such as Gemini Parking Solutions, could lead to an unnecessary and completely avoidable court cases.

Many motorists believe that parking charges levied by parking companies are illegal and can be ignored without consequence. Several high profile online forums perpetuate this by continuing to post misleading advice and suggesting that motorists who have illegally parked, tear up their fine letter, rather than deal with it responsibly. However this is simply not true. Those motorists who choose to ignore these notifications could find themselves in court.

Landlords and tenants have the right to reserve their parking facilities and choose who uses them. This could be residents of the property, employees working on those premises, or customers. Anyone else who chooses to unfairly take advantage of these parking facilities can legally be fined, and these landlords and tenants have the right to hire a company, such as Gemini Parking Solutions, to take care of that process for them in an efficient and professional manner.

When a motorist chooses to park in a car park that is managed by Gemini Parking Solutions, they enter into a contract with us. There are several large and clear signs across all of the car parks we manage which outline the terms and conditions of parking within that establishment, and by choosing to park in the car park (whether they choose to read the signs or not) the motorist is entering into a contract where they agree to abide by those terms and conditions.

Because Gemini Parking Solutions is a reputable company who displays these terms and conditions properly and within the confines of the law, every single parking charge we choose to issue in enforceable in the civil courts.

Do we really take people to court and win?

The simple answer to this question is, yes!

Several high profile finance-based online forums repeatedly offer their users information that is incorrect, advising that no action can be taken and that they won’t be taken to court. However we have a large portfolio of cases that we have taken to court and won, proving that this simply isn’t true.

We take a large number of motorists to court each month and, in fact, the judge always finds in our favour on the grounds that we are operating above the law and our parking charges are issued correctly, so the charge given is fair.

For reference, please find a small handful of examples of cases we have recently taken to court, received judgement on and won:

Name: Fitzpatrick Amount: 247.00 Reference: A0QZ165E
Name: Troubridge Amount: £211.00 Reference: A9QZ607D
Name: Bampjay Amount: £247.00 Reference: A0QZ144E