One of the many benefits our customers have unlocked as a result of Gemini Parking Solution’s acquisition by APCOA, is the injection of new technologies and services that uplift the experience of your customers and the general public. Urban Hubs being one of them.

APCOA URBAN HUBS are an innovative and eco-friendly ecosystem designed to enhance the use of parking areas. It’s the key to transforming underutilised space in your car park and turning your business into a destination.

A select number of Gemini’s clients will be granted access to APCOA’s physical and digital frameworks, allowing them to construct and carry out their own business plans, while customers take advantage of an assortment of advanced services and products.

Your Car Park becomes the Destination

Urban Hubs unlocks a suite of attractive benefits to your customers, employees and local residents – turning your car park into a destination.

Some of the key highlights include:

  • Mobility – Enabling shared journeys, last mile transport solutions and other technology based ride sharing solutions
  • Electrification – Providing customers with the best in EV and hybrid charging stations that are connected to support and digital payment gateways
  • Logistics – Your urban location is transformed into a micro fulfilment site, with solutions such as amazon lockers which make your car park a pit stop on the way home

This is the ideal mix of technologies and solutions to incentivise people to use your car park, and in turn, spend even longer in your business. We see this as the future for retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare and many other businesses. All of which would be balanced with a suite of tools that deter unauthorised parking.

How commercial business owners will benefit

As an owner of commercial property, you can reap the rewards of joining APCOA’s digital urban ecosystem. Their expansion of services into Smart City and Smart Mobility not only aids in sustainable urban development and reduced CO2 emissions, but gives you access to their extensive network of strategic partners. Prominent collaborators such as Bosch, Daimler and HERE Technologies provide the physical and digital infrastructure for this digital urban hub.

Why Gemini Parking Solutions is Excited about Urban Hubs

By focusing on areas that promote the effectiveness of last-mile logistics, reduce the inner-city transport traffic and significantly diminish the emission of CO2, these car parks are transformed into hotspots of potential services.

We are striving to develop the supply of electric charging infrastructure to drive the mobility towards electric mobility – living by our values that parking should be doing good for the communities it serves.

Delivered with the supporting network of APCOA,
Europe’s Biggest Parking Provider

Gemini Parking solutions is leveraging its car parking facilities and creating a digital ecosystem for its consumers by tapping into the expansive network of its mother company, APCOA.

Kim Challis, the Regional MD of APCOA UK & Ireland states that they aim to broaden the network of URBAN HUBS in the two regions to several hundred. By utilizing their expertise, they are capable of supplying their partners with significant benefits, along with a long-term return on their investments. With over 20 million customers accessing their car parks, the business is engaged in numerous beneficial conversations with their prospective partners.

The APCOA brand is renowned for its utilisation of advanced digital strategies, with the launch of the APCOA Parkway in 2017 in the UK and Ireland being an example of that. This platform facilitates an effortless contactless entry to the car parks with its integrated interfaces, giving APCOA a cutting-edge advantage to meet the growing needs of diverse sectors like rail, airports, retail and local governments. Kim Challis further mentions that only through such innovative processes, can the organization properly adjust to the ongoing modifications and get the maximum advantage from them.