If you are familiar with the frustrations of circling car parks and streets looking for an available spot to leave your vehicle, it is probably no surprise to hear that on average car drivers waste around 106 days in their lifetime trying to find a parking spot. The JustPark app, which is free to download, is already used by more than 500,000 motorists to take out the inconvenience, stress and uncertainty of finding a parking space, as with 100,000 parking spots in the UK linked to the app it is easy to secure a space even in busy cities. However, Mini is the first brand to allow motorists to reserve a spot straight from their dashboard.

Fully Integrated Parking System

Drivers who are registered with the app can locate, reserve and receive directions to an available space thanks to its integration within the Mini’s navigation system. Motorists can also be confident that the app is safe to use while on the move, as it has been rigorously tested by BMW’s laboratories in Germany. This lets you select a spot either at your destination or close to where you are currently driving. With a range of parking spaces available, from car parks to hotels and pubs, and even people’s homes, once you have selected a spot and provided payment, the Mini’s navigation system provides directions.

Driver Benefits

This new technology created to assist drivers with parking is not only convenient, allowing you to park wherever you are and whenever you need a space, but it is also an affordable option, as motorists using the app typically pay less than half the cost of nearby on-street parking. This is thanks to the fact that details are provided about the pricing of nearby available spaces, allowing you to choose the cheapest option. You additionally don’t need to worry about parking tickets, as you are no longer forced to leave your car in an undesignated areas and you can extend your stay with just one click. For added peace of mind, you can read reviews about each parking location left by other drivers. The app and now its integration within navigation systems is bringing parking up to date, making it all-round easier for drivers.