High Court Appeal Ongoing

What could be a landmark case for the parking industry is ongoing whereby Barry Beavis has taken his case against Parking Eye to the Court of Appeal. Beavis was originally required to pay an £85 parking charge for overstaying his required time. Beavis stated that the £85 charge was not comparative to the loss it incurred, a statement which was previously dismissed by HHJ Maloney who claimed that “the charge in question is not disproportionately high and insofar as it exceeds compensation its amount is justifiable, and not in bad faith or detrimental to the consumer.” The appeal could prove cruicial for parking companies who face frequent incidents of the same nature, which subsequently incur large costs for the companies as well as time and energy.

At Gemini Parking Solutions we will always do our best to help those facing a fine and provide as much information and support as required to help our customers.