Gemini Parking Solutions are proud to announce our most recent success by being awarded the parking management contract for Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield.

Gemini has been liaising with the Trust since 2012 offering a consultative service, advising on the best methods to combat their parking issues within the hospital grounds.

Since the ban on wheel clamping was introduced, parking issues have become somewhat of a problem at the hospital as prior to the ban their method of enforcement was via clamping. Over the years the problems had escalated until the decision was made that parking control had to be introduced.

Hospital parking management is an emotive subject but is vital in order for emergency vehicles to move freely without obstruction.

From our years of experience providing hospitals with our specialist services, we can guarantee that after the introduction of our services parking issues will decrease reducing the workload on the management at hospital staff alike.

Some of the sites we currently provide our hospital management services to are: 

  • Queens Hospital
  • King Georges Hospital
  • Stepping Hill Hospital
  • BMI Bishopswood Hospital