The government has recently announced hospital parking changes from April 2020. From then on, disabled drivers, frequent out-patient attenders, parents of sick children staying overnight and staff working night shifts will be given free hospital parking throughout all NHS sites across England.


This has huge implications for hospitals and how they manage the parking changes – which Gemini can make easy for you.


The British Parking Association, Department of Health and Social Care’s Hospital Car Parking Program Board have met and discussed the proposals and the work involved. The free parking offer must be properly designed and made easily understandable: clearly defining who will receive free parking, so that everyone understands who is eligible, without ambiguity or confusion.


There is a need to learn from best practice and the practical experience of NHS Trusts already operating similar concessions. Trusts will need to work with parking operators to produce excellent location-specific implementation plans, providing solutions that will meet local needs. A public awareness campaign will be launched across England to inform people of eligibility and explain the offer. But, at the local level, there needs to be clear communication beyond the standard definition of the free parking offer.



The government also says it will be considering the capacity of car parking across hospitals country-wide and also considering how improved technology can reduce the burden on hospitals.


These imminent changes will have a huge impact on hospital parking and how hospitals manage this process. Trusts must now begin planning how they intend to introduce and integrate this new offer within their car park systems.


Gemini is offering hospitals a FREE no obligation consultation on best practice and how to manage this change in order to eliminate any issues that are likely to occur during the transition process.

Please contact us now on 0208 418 0948 to discuss how we can support you through this change.