Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA), the organisation responsible for managing appeals against parking charge notices on private land, has been recognised by the BPA for its services – and is now going to be provided among its Ombudsman Services as of 1 October this year. Since it was founded in 2012, POPLA has gained a considerable reputation as an independent appeals service and after just a few years is one of the leading companies in the industry, now dealing with approximately 650 appeals per week. Their efficiency and ability to resolve appeals makes them an ideal candidate for the Ombudsman Services, which specialise in private sector alternative dispute resolution (ADR) by offering effective solutions to clients. Now POPLA is set to manage legally binding decisions in cooperation with the respective companies involved.

An ideal move

BPA Chief Executive Patrick Troy is pleased with the decision, stating that “The BPA established POPLA to provide independent redress for motorists who receive parking tickets on private land where they feel they have been treated unfairly. The service is provided free to motorists and decisions are binding on the operator who issued the tickets. The number of appeals has now stabilised so we are delighted that Ombudsman Services will carry on the good work begun by London Councils, the incumbent provider.”

This is one of many things which the BPA is doing to make parking more user-friendly to customers. It has implemented a number of new measures including a free internet information service which is available at that gives people access to the appeals process as well as detailed information about signs and lines. This is another move the BPA has done in order to clarify regulations and restrictions regarding parking for motorists. Additionally, the BPA is stepping up its Code of Practice for the Approved Operator Scheme, whereby members must directly adhere to it or face possible sanction or suspension. Troy also went on to announce that the BPA would “continue to work closely with partners and stakeholders to raise standards within the parking profession and welcome the Ombudsman Services’ contribution.”

Adding to the sentiment, Chief Ombudsman Lewis Shand-Smith states, “We are delighted to have been chosen by BPA to deliver a quality redress scheme for POPLA to help them to continue the fantastic work they do to investigate complaints from consumers about parking on private land.”

For Shand-Smith, improving the quality of services performed by the BPA and POPLA is a top priority. The best way to provide motorists with an opportunity to fairly address their concerns is to endorse a system which is simple to use and which responds to these concerns quickly and effectively. Shand-Smith believes that this move will give motorists yet another indispensable resource which they can turn to – and once which clearly demonstrates the commitment which the BPA has to providing the best service at all possible times.