With a rise in the popularity of staycations, as well as an increasing number of international visitors, tourist destinations across the UK become bustling hubs of activity. With the influx of visitors to popular attractions, seaside destinations, popular sights or landmarks, and other key locations, there’s an accompanying surge in the demand for parking spaces.

Unfortunately for many, this surge also brings about an increase in the misuse of parking facilities by tourists and unauthorised parkers.

In this article, we explore strategies that tourist attraction owners and managers can employ to address this issue and ensure a smoother experience for their genuine customers, as well as take a look at some of the strategies and services that Gemini Parking Solutions has seen success within our client sites.

The Unauthorised Parking Problem in Tourist Hotspots

Tourist spots with dedicated parking areas often face the challenge of non-genuine customers and motorists taking advantage of their parking facilities without being paying customers. This situation leaves legitimate customers struggling to find parking spaces, leading to a negative impact on business revenues.

This domino effect of lost revenue and frustrated customers is a significant concern for tourist attractions.

Some of the tourist destinations most affected by unauthorised parking include:

• Private land near landmarks
• Tourist attractions
• Private car parks located close to beaches and the coast
• Land adjacent to destination walks and countryside areas
• Destinations popular with campers
• Theme parks

Key Solutions for a Better Parking Experience

Below are some of the key solutions that we apply to our client car parks, and are things that we always recommend for tourist destinations, or those in areas that do attract a lot of tourists.

Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras

A useful tool to reduce this problematic issue is the deployment of Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. These sophisticated systems automate parking enforcement by recording vehicle registration numbers upon entry and exit, enabling automatic monitoring of parking durations.

They detect overnight stays and ensure timely payments. Beyond enforcement, ANPR systems offer invaluable data for refining parking management, improving overall operational efficiency.

Gemini Parking Solutions utilises the Parkway ANPR technology, linking cameras to a suite of other solutions, bringing a wealth of information info your car park. Learn more here.

This is the first step in reducing problem parking, and works wonders with reducing the need for wasted time and effort checking cars for Pay & Display tickets.

Simplified and Digital Payment Solutions

To streamline parking payments and enhance the customer experience, implementing cashless payment options can be highly effective. ANPR technology integrated with cashless solutions enables automatic payment deductions based on entry and exit times.

This frictionless process eliminates the need for physical payment machines, queues, and the nuisance of providing exact change.

View how we can help with our industry-leading solutions, such as APCOA Connect or Scan Pay, allowing customers to pay with ease and reduce the hassle for both motorist and staff alike.

Digital Parking Apps and Payment Systems


Improved Signage and Directional Flow

Congestion can be a significant issue in busy tourist areas, leading to confusion and frustration among drivers.

By improving signage and directional flow within parking areas, the traffic can be better managed, reducing bottlenecks and improving overall efficiency.

Clear signage also helps to communicate parking rules effectively and prevent unauthorised parking. Signage is not something to be taken lightly, it can be the difference between being able to legally enforce the rules set out, or allowing motorists to appeal against your parking charge with governing bodies.

Leveraging Gemini Parking Solutions’ Expertise

Gemini Parking Solutions, winner of Parking Provider of the Year in the British Parking Awards, offers a range of innovative solutions to address the challenges of unauthorised parking – including for leisure facilities and tourist destinations.

Backed by APCOA, Europe’s leading car park services provider, Gemini Parking Solutions offers a range of systems and back-office solutions tailored to each business’s unique requirements. Their focus on balance, fairness, and transparency ensures a seamless parking experience while protecting businesses’ reputations.

By partnering with Gemini Parking Solutions, tourist attractions can regain control of their parking facilities and ensure a positive customer experience.

Through ANPR technology, enhanced payment solutions, and strategic planning, businesses can prevent unauthorised parking, increase revenue, and create a safer, more enjoyable environment for their genuine customers. Choose Gemini Parking Solutions as your partner in effective car park management and enjoy the benefits of their expertise and commitment to excellence.

To learn more about how Gemini Parking Solutions can help prevent unauthorised parking and enhance your car park management strategies, visit their website or contact them for a free consultation.

Remember, proactive measures are essential to ensure a smooth parking experience for all visitors and to protect your business’s reputation and revenue. Don’t let unauthorised parking dampen the excitement of your tourist destination – take control with the right strategies and solutions.


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