The BPA recently introduced a change to code of practise that recognises human error when a system requires the motorist to enter their VRM. These errors are categorised into two key categories:

Major keying errors (completely wrong VRM, partners VRM, something unrelated to your VRM) or minor keying errors (entering an 0 instead of an o for example). Historically, when a customer entered their VRM incorrectly when paying for parking or registering their stay, there was not any official guidance on how the parking operator should resolve the issue.

The official guidance from the BPA is that when a major keying error is made, the parking operator is allowed to charge an admin fee of up to £20 to recover the costs of issuing a PCN. However, we at Gemini felt it necessary to absorb some of this cost in order to help support motorists and the communities that we operate in. So with this said, we have made the decision to reduce the admin fee from £20 to only £5 as we understand the importance of unity during this unprecedented time