The current pandemic has hit all of us – in terms of our health and our working practices. But drastic times call for positive action. It is vital that we all come together and support our community. Gemini Parking Solutions has made a conscious decision to reduce the impact of the current Coronavirus pandemic on our clients and their customers, whilst providing support to our NHS workers at the front line. In collaboration with our partners, we have introduced initiatives to suspend enforcement and to offer free parking to key workers helping to combat the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

Along with one of our clients, whose leisure centre is located next to an NHS hospital, we have suspended all enforcement for NHS workers, so that anyone working in the NHS can park for free. As a business, it’s an ethical and moral decision we are happy to make, in recognition of existing needs, and the difficult yet vital role played by our NHS workers in the current climate of uncertainty.

It’s the least we can do to support our clients and their customers during these difficult times, and it’s important to us, as a values-based company, to give back to society. And we invite our colleagues in the wider business world to make people’s lives a little easier. Especially for the key workers keeping us safe and healthy, and for those who in need.  Let’s find solutions.

Please ask yourselves: What can we do to help? How can I serve?

Here are 6 ways you can support your community:

  • Commercial sites could offer free car parking to those helping the community – the NHS workers, the food retail workers, and the foodbank volunteers.
  • Provide your digital solutions for free, for a specific period. Companies such as Adobe are offering their software solutions to students, free.
  • Use your business transport / company cars or drivers to deliver groceries, meals, and essentials. Offer door-to-door alternatives for the elderly and those at risk.
  • Donate staff, volunteers, space, equipment or ingredients to hospitals, councils, charities, foodbanks and others helping people in need.
  • Hotels could waive cancellation fees and offer rooms to NHS staff, key workers or homeless people.
  • Offer support and guidance, digitally (Gemini maintains communication with all team members and support to our community wherever possible). Be there to talk to people. Engage and share positivity for those who may not have a support group.

We must all do whatever we can. Thank you to our supportive clients. And thanks to the heroic and tireless staff and volunteers working hard across the country, helping so many people.