2014 was an incredible year of growth and success for Gemini Parking Solutions, and we were so pleased and delighted that you and your company were a part of it. We have formed several wonderful new partnerships with large national and multinational clients such as East Village Management, Chase Farm Hospital, The Village Practice, GLL, Burger King and Howard Asset Management. We are delighted that so many large and esteemed companies, as well as so many of the smaller local companies we work with and support, continue to use Gemini Parking Solutions for all of their parking needs. We are proud of the results all of our clients have experienced whilst working with us in 2014. The fantastic success that we experienced in 2014 has enabled us to continue to grow and has provided us with more opportunities to continue to provide jobs for local people as we continue to seek new members of staff. Every member of staff we employ becomes a valued and important member of the Gemini Parking Solutions team.

We’re very proud of all of the staff we employ and of the high standard of service we are able to provide for all of our clients. Thanks to your continued support, 2014 saw Gemini Parking Solutions grow to become one of the leading parking operators in the UK. We look forward to discovering what new challenges and successes 2015 will bring, and look forward to spending another year working with you.