As part of its commitment to delivering premium service to clients on a local and international basis, the Hampton – part of an elite chain of the Hilton hotel franchise – will be using the services of Gemini Parking Solutions at their Luton-based business in Bedfordshire and using the services of ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) after a successful case study revealed excellent results about the technology. This is great news for hotel management as well as hotel guests who can expect top-quality service from this experienced and dedicated company who lead the industry in customer service.

Certainly hotels face a range of challenges when it comes to parking enforcement and management. These include issues with the main service road and vehicles like taxis taking advantage of facility spaces in order to avoid paying parking fees. This not only uses up hotel resources, but causes obstructions to traffic as well as reducing council revenue. Understandably, when guests are unable to access vehicles or taxis they have ordered, this causes significant delay and results in unsatisfactory service. Hotels must also be able to have easy access for goods and other services, and therefore it is paramount to ensure that parking is managed effectively and efficiently.


Gemini decided to use the services of ANPR based on its reputable record of effective parking management solutions at Cambridge and Chiswick sites, and because it is able to provide 24/7 enforcement. This not only improves the quality of service which Hampton by Hilton offers to its guests, but also adds to the presence which Gemini Parking Solutions has within the Luton and Bedfordshire Area.

ANPR will enable Hampton to maintain a monitored surveillance over the vehicles entering the premises as well as reduce the traffic coming in and out of the grounds, as well as guarantee an improved level of safety and security for guests and services. This is a highly cost-effective approach which will reduce the amount of expenses lost through parking problems as well as potentially dissatisfied customers and councils. The data which is stored on ANPR will also be valuable in the cases of any accidents on hotel property which need to be brought to special attention.

ANPR is also used to detect and prevent crime on both small and large scales. While this is not the case for Hampton by Hilton in Luton, the calibre of the technology and its function in high-profile work indicate that it will be more than capable of assisting Gemini Parking Solutions in providing Hampton with the best quality service possible. As a result, Gemini Parking Solutions is interested in speaking with someone from the Bedfordshire area who would like to consider utilising ANPR services to increase their parking security and management. Gemini Parking Solutions can be reached on 08712 002143, or via the website at