As we enter the new year, we must take a moment to both reflect on what was an exciting year for our company and look forward to the future of Gemini Parking Solutions. As a company, and team, it was a year of transition, but one where we were finally able to get back to doing what we love the most – and that’s interacting with the public.

After the long drawn-out lockdown experience, we were excited to get back into the rhythm of meeting our clients and motorists alike, which we have enjoyed thoroughly. We learnt a lot through the lockdowns, and identified ways in which we could improve our business, product and how we serve motorists, which will stay with us as we move forward.

Our Acquisition

We cannot look back at 2022 without acknowledging our exciting acquisition. As many of our existing clients will now know, and what some of our future clients will be equally as excited to hear, is that we were acquired by APCOA, Europe’s leading parking provider.

This brings a range of great opportunities, to both our company and our clients alike, some of which we will be sharing in the next section. Working alongside Europe’s leaders in parking management means that we can take what won Gemini Parking Solutions the title of Parking Provider of the Year and inject it with leading technologies, best practices and an infrastructure that is trusted by business across the continent.


Benefit of Additional Parking Technologies

Gemini Parking Solutions is now beginning to adopt some of the technologies created and managed by APCOA, which now present excellent opportunities for clients of Gemini Parking Solutions. Some of these technologies are trusted by large corporations, for example the airport car parks at destinations such as Heathrow Airport and Luton Airport as well as transportation car parks such as those for National Rail and Great Western Railway.

Their digital systems and revolutionary Urban Hubs technology will support our vision for the future of how car parks will serve businesses and the community around them.

Looking Towards Our Digital Future

As shared in our previous articles, we are always looking forward to how the industry can continue to evolve to provide a better experience in car parks. We must identify ways in which we can create an effortless experience, starting with looking for spaces, then in how we book a space and park the car, and finally how we can then pay or extend the parking session.

Digital parking permits, automatic payments and smart car parks that recognise trends in how motorists interact with them will become an industry standard and we look to be one of the leading providers in delivering this digital future.

Over the next year we will be working closely with our existing customers to support their digital transition, implementing tools and resources to help deliver a better service. This will also bring tools that will allow for deeper insight and analyses of the car park – with data on peak days, times and potential areas in which to improve.

We hope to bring electrification and additional services into our existing sites, through the support of the APCOA Urban Hubs infrastructure.


Continued Focus on Compassion

Whilst we may have mentioned ways in which we will be changing and evolving, there is one key are in which we will be retaining, and that is our commitment to delivering a compassionate approach to the parking industry.

Over the past few years we have worked hard to break the mould and go against the norm, trying to find ways in which we can offer a service that is both profitable and compassionate. We work continuously with governing bodies and industry peers to identify ways in which we can change the public perspective on parking.

Without the continued support from our clients, and valued feedback from motorists, we could not continue to improve the service which we have become so proud of.

Thank you again for an excellent year and we cannot wait to work together in the new year.

Gemini Parking Solutions Team