We wanted to share some key insights that can help you to better manage your car park and ensure a smoother operation.

Whether you have a site that’s suitable for parking, or you already have a parking system that could be better managed, you’re probably considering your options to identify the best solution. Select the parking management system that best fits your needs and you’ll future proof your car park management and have access to a range of options that effortlessly guarantee a consistent stream of income.

There are many parking management providers and a variety of systems are available on the market, so here are some things to consider, to enable you to make the right decision for you and your business. It can be a considerable investment – so make the right choice first time, and you can ensure future success on your site, with ease.


There’s a range of solutions on offer – and no one size fits all. You should select the best option for your site, your requirements, and your resources to ensure a better operation. If you want to generate income from your parking site whilst also maintaining control of its use, consider a pay and display system. This offers you a consistent revenue stream and round-the-clock accountability.

A more high-tech parking management solution is a pay and display system integrated with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Drivers can either pay on entrance or exit and the system enables a range of other benefits, including pre-payment, touchscreens, revenue rebate options and statistical data on car park usage. Offending vehicles can be identified quickly using the DVLA registered keeper database, with Parking Charge Notices issued accordingly. These systems can also be solar powered, saving you money and benefiting the environment.

Other systems are also available, including pay- by-phone and patrol services.

Simply choose the system that’s right for your location and your needs.


Does your potential provider seem trustworthy and professional?

Unfortunately, some disreputable parking management providers do exist, so please do some research on them. Are they registered with the British Parking Association (BPA) or the ICP? These bodies regulate the private parking industry, setting guidelines and a code of practice to which operators must adhere, to guarantee high standards.

Whether you are going to manage your car park internally, or you are going to select a parking management company to professionally facilitate these services for you: we always advise familiarising yourself with the BPA Code of Conduct. Now, whilst we understand you may not have the time to read through every point and remember each and every one of the clear guidelines, we do recommend having a basic understanding. This will help to raise any red flags for what might be missing in your car park and what to look out for.

View the BPA Code of Conduct Here


The system you select may have cost implications. Some systems require staff, others depend on technology.

You may want a hands-on management role, or for a hassle free approach you may wish to rent out your site leaving the management to others but receive a regular guaranteed income. Ensure that you are getting a competitive deal from the provider of your parking management solution. Some offer systems free of charge, while others may offer you a percentage of car park revenue.

Consider fair offers and weigh up the justification for the deal.


Use the link below to find out more key steps to effective car park management and learn the tips that can help your business to generate revenue, reduce costs and provide a better experience for your clients.