IAs the number of cars on the roads rises and cities struggle with congestion, Gemini Parking Solutions is continuing to design and implement effective, professionally-managed parking strategy that will help reduce frustrating and costly traffic congestion. During the past several years, the use of technology has accelerated in the parking and transportation industry. Parking management plays and will continue to play an important role in the revitalization of urban areas. Each form of parking management has its own benefits and disadvantages.

A Pay and Display parking management system is one that allows the users to enter and exit car parks seamlessly. There is no risk of access restriction or revenue loss caused by equipment malfunction, unlike when you use an automated boom gate system for your parking space. In a pay and display parking system, customers will park their vehicle, purchase a ticket for the time they wish to use the parking facility, and leave this ticket on the dashboard of their vehicle. The customers are then free to leave the car park when or before their ticket expires. There’s no need to enter or exit using a boom gate.

Aside from seamless entry, here are the other features and benefits that one can get from a Pay and Display Parking Management System:

  • Pay using coins or cards
  • Use online credit card to pay
  • Requires less time and energy from the customers
  • Full and total audit and reporting functions
  • Communication and management software allowing parking fees to be amended when the need arises
  • Machine malfunctions and full cash boxes are reported real-time
  • Easily maintained
  • Reduced labour costs since you don’t have to hire a parking attendant, therefore, you have the ability to keep the parking fees low
  • No congestion upon entry or exit
  • Extended operating hours are now possible, as much as a 24-hour operation

Pay and Display’s terms and conditions of parking are displayed every single time the Pay and Display system is used and this is the basis upon when to issue a Payment Notice. Payment Notices can be issued to those who are not displaying their parking ticket in their dashboards or if they exceeded the amount of time that they paid for.

When a customer parks their vehicle, it is a sign that they have agreed to the terms and conditions set by the car park’s management and breaching this terms and conditions will warrant a Payment Notice from the management.

Together with a Pay and Display system is the License Plate Recognition Technology. This allows free parking periods to be offered to customers without the need to get a parking ticket. This is extremely useful to car parks near or attached to shopping centres where workers and commuters take up space and only genuine customers are to be offered a free parking period. All-day parking may still be offered to others without affecting genuine retail customers.

Here at Gemini Parking Solutions, we aim to make your parking need exactly as how you want it to be: safe, fast, efficient. To know more, about this amazing pay and display system that will surely help you, please don’t hesitate to call us at 0871 200 2143 or send us a message at info@geminiparkingsolutions.co.uk. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional team is more than willing to help you with regards to your parking management solution.