Organisations usually focus on protecting areas where people spend most of their time in, such as offices and public establishments. However, car parks tend to be one of the areas where crime happens and providing the right security for these areas is often disregarded. An overlooked, unkempt car park is prone to theft, assault, vandalism, drug-peddling and public intoxication offences. A factor contributing to these criminal activities is the unrestricted and desolate areas of a car park.

In order to avoid these illegal activities, the facilities management of a business needs to ensure that proper protection and precautions are in place. We have listed the safety measures you need to take to maximise your car parks security 24/7:

Install video surveillance cameras

With today’s increasing technological environment, one of the best ways to boost security around a parking facility is by surveillance enhancement. Video surveillance cameras can maximise an area’s safety, deterring criminal activities by recording the public entering and exiting the premises. These technologies allow the management to view footage of the recorded acts via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Apart from the benefits of monitoring, the presence of security cameras alone is sometimes enough to ward off criminals ,so ensure appropriate signage is prominent announcing the use of surveillance equipment in the area.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when installing surveillance equipment:

  • Choose surveillance equipment that eliminates blind spots and pixelated images and has the capacity to capture different angles with both night and day visibility
  • To avoid tampering, place the cameras in places high enough to be out of reach
  • Back-up and store footage in the cloud for future data references
  • Instead of attempting to install the cameras by yourself, work with skilled experts to ensure maximum security and functionality


In addition to the installation of security cameras, another rewarding technology your car park could benefit from is the ANPR system. These cameras capture the details of vehicles entering and leaving a parking lot which is suitable in determining unauthorised usage.

Focus on lighting

Ensure there is adequate lighting. apart from enhancing the car parks visibility and improving the quality of recorded images from security cameras, proper lighting offers your customers and employees peace of mind when they are alone in the area. Whilst lighting needs will depend on a variety of factors such as the size of the facility and hours of operation, you can opt for motion triggered or smart lights to keep energy cost low..

Monitor traffic flow

Keep track of the traffic flow in your car park to determine strategies in avoiding traffic problems and eliminating vehicle accidents. Additionally, make sure there are clear and easy to read signs in your car park to help customers find the appropriate exits and entryways.

Maintain surroundings

An unkempt car park not only gives potential aggressors the assurance that it is not monitored but also creates a negative image for the business. Simple warden routines such as picking up litter, emptying rubbish bins and tidying the landscaping will enhance the area dramatically.

If you want to maximise parking security in your establishment, we can provide you with the right solutions to address your car parking needs. From the people we hire to the systems we use, Gemini Parking Solutions make everything simple and customer-friendly whilst providing a range of ethical parking enforcement solutions to every client. With years of experience in the industry, we know that every little way we improve the experience of using a car park adds up to a big difference in service. Complete this form if you have any enquiries or give us a call on 08712002143 to discuss a project with us.